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To say the long wait is over would probably irrelevant now. It's almost 6 years since I abandoned this site. I'm not sure the folks who actually visited this site back then would still go here nowadays. But if you really do, then I must say 'Welcome to the new ruddevil.tripod.com'!

It's been a while. I'm graduated and had my bachelor degree a couple of years ago. But I haven't find the time to actually work on this site. I was kind of worried tripod would discontinue my membership. This site was regularly visited somehow, thanks to the link from Winamp skins (I had a skin which was available for download from Winamp site. It would be categorized as Classic Skin now). The skin wasn't there now. Probably ever since Winamp is bought by a big company. Anyway, you can still download the skin from this site. Just go to my stuff section.

All those times I did get a couple of times of reminder inside my head to start working on this site. Most of those times I ended up with unfinished parts. Now it finally comes together. Pieces are united. I finished the design template. It should last forever if I want to. Some people did suggest me to grab a blog space instead of working on a site from scratch. I thought I would be lazy to fill in my blog, which is true though.

Anyway it's here now, up and running. And since it's only been here for a while, I would really appreciate any feedback or comment of my new site. Just drop me some messages here: ruddevil@myrealbox.com.


26.02.2006 - Millennium Stadium, Cardiff
Glory glory Man United! Our first trophy in almost two years! Definitely a time for celebration. Winning the League Cup isn't really bad after all. All the fuss of this cup competition being the lowest in the English Premier clubs' caste system isn't quite true. Being a United fan for 12 years now have proven me that winning any competition is always the best way to start winning the others, especially when you're having a new team consisting of new breed of players.

It wasn't really the case 14 years ago when we won the same competition in Wembley. The only new breed to ever mark the triumph at that time was Giggs who gave the assist of the only goal of the match. Choccy scored the goal. But it was the start of an era, lead by Giggs. The next year we won the double. How I wish we are on the same path again this time. I've seen it. Ronaldo is growing more and more efficient. And Rooney is finally proving himself as the coolest player in the current England squad. Read on...
I ended my short break traveling to Malang, East Java. It was short but it was a very pleasant moments. Most importantly, I can share those moments captured with my Kodak in this site. You can go to my pics section and get those nice landscapes for your desktop. Ride on...
I'm not sure what I should feature in my stuff section. But let's get it started with some highlights of my rig. Nothing really special in area of modding or overclocking, but it's more or less my dream machine. One I once dreamed of having when PC gaming went 3D. Find out...
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